Air and Water Vapor Calculator

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  1. Convert Relative Humidity to % Volume (H2O)
  2. Convert % Weight (H2O) to % Volume (H2O)
  3. Convert % Volume (H2O) to % Weight (H2O)
  4. Convert SCFMd to ACFM
  5. Convert ACFM to SCFMd
  6. Convert Lb/Hr Gas to SCFMd
  7. Convert Lb/Hr of Pollutant to PPM
  8. Convert Lb/Hr of Pollutant to grains/dscf
  9. Convert In WG to PSIA
  10. Convert Site Elevation to Atm. Pressure
  11. Apparent Molecular Weights (Volumetric)
  12. Apparent Molecular Weights (Mass)

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